Features Of Check Pattern Suit Fabric Fabrics
- Sep 01, 2018 -

Checked fabric is also a common fabric in life. Let's take a look at the characteristics and knowledge of Checked fabric.

Features of  Check Pattern Suit Fabric fabrics

1. Cotton and linen plaid fabric is made of 50s linen yarn and 5S cotton yarn as raw materials and Tiger weave according to the specifications of 54*52. This plaid fabric adopts colored weaving technology. It is not only beautiful in color, but also very diversified. It is weaved on imported rapier machine and passed through successively. A variety of sophisticated and complex processing technology.

Second, the style of plaid fabric is very diversified, and has many advantages, plaid fabric style can be broad, but also soft, small and fresh, and feel soft, breathable and cool, and can prevent static electricity, because of these characteristics and by the majority of friends like.

3. Checked fabrics are very common and widely used in daily life. Whether you like Japanese style or European and American style, checked fabrics can be done. Checked fabrics can also strongly express the style the designer wants to present. Checked fabrics are big or small, thick or thin, and colorful. Commonly used as curtains, tablecloths, trousers and skirts, it is beautiful, fashionable, elegant and charming.

Classification of plaid fabric

Cotton linen fabric

Cotton and linen plaid fabric is softer in texture and is dyed with good color. This plaid fabric has a soft handle, air permeability and cool, and can prevent static electricity. It is more suitable for trousers, casual wear and skirts. In daily life, we often see cotton linen Plaid clothes, whether Japanese or European, are very beautiful.

Polyester plaid fabric

This plaid fabric is durable, strong wrinkle resistance, good heat resistance, more suitable for making pleated skirt, and this plaid fabric has corrosion resistance, not afraid of mold and moth. But polyester plaid fabric has poor air permeability, wearing a sultry feeling, easy to bring static electricity fear dirty, and meet soot will form holes. Therefore, try to keep clothes away from fire and heat as far as possible.

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