Men's Suit Fabric Selection In Various Tones
- Jan 17, 2019 -

Light colored men

Have a head of light hair like blonde, or little hair; light eyebrows, eyelashes and faint beard; white and delicate skin; blue, grayish, greenish eyes.

Spring and summer is a good season in the shallow Tone Men clothes, because this time is easier to buy a light coloured dress. Remember that suits to the deep color to wear color sequence in their light to match the color of a shirt; you also want to consider the size and pattern of the fabric thickness, with their size and height consistent.


Dark man

There are dark brown or black hair; deep hairy face; from white to olive, even to a dark brown color between the dark eyes.

The fabric for you throughout the year can be found in the store. During the summer, choose light cool wool fabric, but to choose the color sequence you in the dark. To consider when you choose stripe fabric shape: narrow lines of the normal human skeleton is appropriate, and the big man with wide stripes, will be a good balance of your body.


Warm man

Ginger brown, red brown or red hair color; ginger or ginger colored beard and white eyebrows; skin with freckles; blue, green or brown eyes.

The warm man, had to give up the challenge from the gray and blue series. If the color doesn't suit your occupation environment, it is beige or yellow shirt to reconcile the warming the colors, make sure your tie is able to map out your warm color series. Mint or light color cloth shirt with any one of the following dress fabrics will be very perfect collocation.


Cool man

With salt and pepper, flowers white hair, or without a trace of red hair; black hair and grey freckles, or white hair; rose red or pink tone skin (white), or slightly blue or gray skin (black); blue, gray or brown eyes cold

Gray and navy blue fabric series of cool men best, so you have to choose the most extensive space fabric. If you have white hair and gray blue eyes, be careful, don't choose too dark navy. The most suitable shirt color than pink, light purple and blue. The tie should take Turquoise and green water.


Net hue man

Dark hair; dark eyebrows and eyelashes; white skin, may have freckles, or dark skin color and pure; bright, with light colored eyes.

The best image to create a net color to choose the men, with bold and distinctive patterns of fabric. For example, the following fine stripes, patterns of minor teeth because of the strong contrast of black and white is distinctive and eye-catching. If you choose to wear a bird's-eye or twill, you have to pay attention to your shirt and tie color can be bright, silhouetted against each other.


Soft colors for men

Have a deep golden yellow to moderate brown hair; deep yellow to moderate brown eyebrows and eyelashes; to light olive skin; blue, green, grey or brown mixed eyes.

Soft tone men appearance should be more soft, clothing color should be mutual integration rather than contrast. You have to choose the colors and shades of similar, neither too deep or too shallow color. Fringe color should also be relatively dark and gentle. The original white shirt that suits you better than pure white shirt.

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