Selection Of Men's Suits
- Sep 01, 2018 -

Selection of light color men's suits

Having a thick head of light hair such as blond hair, or very little hair; light eyebrows, eyelashes, and a light beard; fair and delicate skin; pale blue, pale grey, and pale green eyes.

Spring and summer are good times for light-colored men to buy clothes, because it's easier to buy light-colored clothes. Keep in mind that a formal suit should wear a darker color in its own color sequence to brighten the shirt's color; you should also consider the size of the pattern and the thickness of the fabric to match your figure and height.

Selection of men's suits in dark tones

Having dark brown or black hair; having deep hairs on the face; some skin color ranging from white to olive to even dark brown; dark eyes.

Suitable fabrics can be found in stores throughout the year. In summer, choose light and cool wool fabrics, but choose dark colors in your color sequence. Think about your figure when choosing striped fabrics: Narrow warp lines are better for people with normal skeleton, while larger men choose wider stripes to balance your figure.

Selection of warm colors for men's suits

Having ginger-brown, auburn, or reddish hair; a ginger beard or ginger eyebrows; fair, freckled skin; blue, green, or brown eyes.

For warm color men, the challenge comes from the grey series and cyan series that have to be abandoned. If these colors don't suit your professional environment, mix them with beige or yellow shirts to make sure your tie reflects the warm colors in your color series. Mint or light coloured shirts will be perfect with any of the following positive fabrics.

Selection of men's suits in cold colors

Having salt-and-pepper, flower-white hair, or black hair without a trace of red; having black hair and gray freckles or white hairs; rosy or pink skin (whites), or slightly blue or gray skin (blacks); blue, gray or cold brown eyes

Grey and Navy fabrics are ideal for cold-toned men, so you have the widest choice of fabrics. If you have white hair and grey-blue eyes, be careful not to choose too dark navy. The most suitable shirts are pink, light purple and blue.  Tie should be carried with jewel green and water green.

Selection of men's suits in net colors

Having dark hair; dark eyebrows and eyelashes; fair skin, perhaps freckled, or dark skin with a pure complexion; bright, lighter eyes.

To create the best image of a pure color man, choose a fabric with striking and vivid patterns. For example, the fine stripes below and the black and white patterns in the puppy's teeth are striking and striking because of the contrast. If you choose to wear birdeye patterns or twills, you have to be careful that your shirt and tie are bright enough to match each other.


Selection of men's suits in soft colors

Having dark golden to moderately brown hair; dark golden to moderately Brown eyebrows and eyelashes; light to olive skin; blue, green, gray, or brownish eyes.

The appearance of soft coloring should be gentle, and the color of clothing should blend with each other rather than contrast. You have to choose colors that are not too deep or too shallow, similar to shades. The color of the stripes should be darker and softer. The original white shirt is definitely more suitable for you than the pure white shirt.

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