Six Things You Have To Know To Wear A Striped Suit
- Nov 24, 2018 -

1. A three-piece striped suit is a very formal dress full of "grand momentum". In order to add some handsome and smart to yourself, you can choose brick red checkered shirt to break this seriousness. Of course, when you wear a three-piece striped suit, you have to choose according to your age. When you're older, you can choose plain color and this pinstriped suit if you're not in the "uncle" category yet. A plain and exaggerated suit may be more suitable for you. A deep-cut collar is more youthful and energetic than a shallow-cut collar.

2. To separate this medium-tone gray striped suit from other similar styles of the same color, the suit itself has to be tailored. The waist has to be tightened, the collar is small, and the standard fit is stylish and solemn.

3. Watches with steel bands can also be used with striped suits. If you're a navy blue suit, consider a beige dial; if you're a grey suit, consider a black dial. A variety of color matching is to make your body color is not limited by the suit. Or grace, or escape, depends on your choice.

4. Classic black striped suits can also be converted into black suits with white matte stripes. Still matched with gray tie, white shirt, also has a black solemn formal feeling, but more of the city elegant natural and handsome.

5. Bright Blue Striped suit, almost no trace of the provisions. This tiny stripe just adds some texture to the suit fabric. Here, we recommend that you wear a suit of colors. Dark blue suit with light blue shirt and white blue tie. You can balance and unify your blue color.

6. Apparel collocation is not as precise as calculus. Sometimes, you can even feel his harmony and division. For example, blue, white and chestnut designs, navy blue or grey suits, are very comfortable. Then, when choosing a tie, you can choose the same color as a suit or a shirt. It's very simple, isn't it?