What Are The Suit Fabrics? What Kind Of Suit Fabric Is Better To Choose?
- Aug 19, 2018 -

There are many kinds of suit fabrics, mainly depending on what style you like. Pure wool worsted suit fabric This suit fabric is mostly thin in texture, smooth in surface and clear in texture. The luster is naturally soft and has a smooth glow. The body is crisp, soft and flexible. After loosening the material, it is loosened, basically no wrinkles, and even if there is a slight crease, it can disappear in a short time. Pure wool woollen suit fabrics These suit fabrics are mostly thick and solid, with full face and soft light and full of light. The noodles and suede are not exposed. The textured weave is clear and rich. Gentle, firm and flexible. Wool and polyester blended suit fabric The sun has a shiny surface on the underside, lacking the soft and soft feel of pure wool suit fabric. The wool polyester (polyester) fabric is crisp but has a hard texture and is prominent with the increase in polyester content. Elasticity is better than pure wool fabric, but it is not as good as pure wool and wool blended suit fabric. Loosen the material and loose it with almost no creases. Wool and viscose blended suit fabrics are dull. The worsted type feels weaker, while the woollen type feels loose. These suits are less elastic and stiffer than pure wool and wool, wool and fine blends. If the viscose content is high, the fabric is easily wrinkled. Pure wool worsted suit fabric Traditionally, the wool-like fabric made of viscose and artificial wool fiber has a dull gloss, a weak hand and a lack of rigidity. Due to the poor elasticity, it is easy to wrinkle and is not easy to fade. The strength of the yarn drawn from the fabric after wet water is significantly lower than that in the dry state, which is an effective method for identifying viscose-based fabrics. In addition, these suits are hard and thick after being wetted. With the advancement of science and technology, the wool-like products have also made great progress in terms of color, feel and durability. The high-tech textile products are constantly being updated, and our world is decorated more colorful. How to choose the fabric of the suit? The value of a suit. The quality of its fabrics is high and low, and the popularity is a decisive factor. High-grade suit fabrics are made of pure wool, Huada, camel silk and other natural fibers, because it is easy to dye, feel good, not easy to fluff, flexible, wear fit, and not deformed. Mid-range suit fabrics mainly consist of wool and chemical fiber blending fabrics. They have the properties of pure wool fabrics. The price is cheaper than pure wool, and it is easy to sort after washing. Therefore, it is deeply loved by the working class. When purchasing a male suit, you must consider your own temperament, body shape, skin color and other factors. For example, if you are a tall man, you are quite a mighty, or you have a black face, you'd better wear a fabric with some light-colored suits, such as blue, gray, and beige fabrics. This can make people feel intimate. The most popular suits of pure-haired navy blue suit fabrics are more suitable for fat people and can increase the wearer's majesty feeling. It is neutral for thin people and not suitable for short people. The common medium-gray suit is more suitable for tall or thin people, and fat people are not suitable for wearing this kind of clothing. Light gray suits are suitable for all walks of life and tall and thin people. The pattern of the suit fabric is relatively simple. Commonly used are thin vertical stripes, which are mostly white or blue. Thick stripes or large squares are more common in entertainment venues. The fabrics and styles of men's suits also have a great relationship. Under normal circumstances, medium and high-grade fabrics are suitable for fit and professional men's suits, while casual fabrics such as wool, hemp and silk are made loose and long. style. Due to the neutralization of clothing, the neutralization of men's and women's clothing fabrics is also increasing. For example, men's clothing commonly used tribute, camel silk and other fabrics used in women's clothing, and women's characteristic fabrics --- silk, nowadays men are also free and easy to wear. With the development of modern science and technology, the types of men's suit fabrics are becoming more and more abundant, and the light and thin texture of pure wool suit fabrics is a big development trend.

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