What's Good For Men's Casual Suits
- Sep 29, 2018 -

1, high-grade suit fabric

 High-grade suit fabrics are mostly made of pure wool fabric, gabardine, camel silk brocade and other high-quality natural fibers, because it is easy to dye, feel good, not easy to fuzz, elastic, wear fit, and do not deform.

 2, medium class suit fabric

 Medium-grade suit fabrics are mainly wool and chemical fiber blended textiles, it has the properties of pure wool fabrics, the price is cheaper than pure wool fabrics, after washing is also easy to finish, therefore, by the working class favorite.

 Matters needing attention:

 1, self factors

 When making a suit, you must consider your temperament, body shape, skin color and other factors. For example: tall, prestigious, or have a dark face, you'd better wear fabrics popular light colors suit, such as blue, gray, beige fabric. This can make people feel intimately. The most popular suit made of pure wool, hide and blue suit is more suitable for fat people and can increase the dignity of the wearer. It is neutral for thin people, but not for short people. The common medium grey suits are more suitable for tall or thin people. Fat people are not suitable for wearing such clothes. The light grey suits are suitable for all walks of life and tall and thin people.

 2. Fabric factors

 The design of suit fabric is relatively simple. Usually there are thin lines and vertical stripes, most of which are white or blue. Thick stripes or large squares are most common in entertainment places. Men's suit fabrics and styles also have a great relationship, in general, medium and high-grade fabrics suitable for men's suits, professional suits, and leisure, wool, linen, silk and other suit fabrics are made of loose, long patterns. Due to the neutralization of clothing, the neutralization of men's and women's clothing fabrics is becoming more and more. For example, the fabrics commonly used in men's clothes, such as tribute, camel silk brocade and so on, are used in women's clothes, while the characteristics of women's clothes - --- silk, today's men wear the same freely.

 3, the time factor

 With the development of modern science and technology, the types of men's suit fabrics are becoming more and more abundant, and the light and thin texture of pure wool suit fabrics is a major development trend. Men's suit fabric color changes with the world's environmental protection and return to the mainstream of nature changes, like some soft, relaxed, comfortable, close to life, close to the natural tone, is the pursuit of modern style, the same soft, flexible, easy to move fabric is gradually dissolved in men's suit.

 When making a suit, you do not have to stick to products that require pure wool or high wool. When choosing warm-keeping autumn and winter suits, we can consider pure wool or thick wool fabric, while spring and summer suits can consider polyester fiber and synthetic silk such as chemical fiber blended fabric.