※We have the strong team with experience in mens suit fabric.

●In the gray fabric production workshop, there are very strictly quality control system to control the quality.

●In dyeing dye-works,our professional merchandisers stay with 24hours.

●In our own packing warehouse,our professional inspection team inspect the goods based on the American standard four point system or the client’s requirement.

※In strict accordance with the customer's confirmation to promote the production work.

※Color calibrations are performed under standard light sources.

※Check the color for every lot to control the chromatism.

※Regarding the width and weight, each lot must be spot checked to ensure that the overall standards are met.

※PP sample supplied to client before bulk production,shipping sample before shipped.


According to the different needs of customers, you can choose reactive dyeing or normal dyeing. Reactive dyeing is now generally used because the color fastness, rubbing fastness, etc., are all superior to normal dyeing. The disadvantage is that the price is slightly higher than nomarl dyeing. Our fabrics are woven on jets, and each machine is equipped with professionally trained textile workers to check the quality. At the same time, we also use the best quality yarns to ensure the quality of the superior grey fabrics. This is a prerequisite for dyeing this cloth.



※Prior to dyeing, we will perform a preliminary inspection of the quality of the grey fabric. Our basic dyeing steps are initial inspection, dyeing, heat setting, finishing, calendering, steaming, and becomed to finished products. The finished product from the dyeing plant will be entered to our final quality inspection warehouse. If the customer does not have other special requirements, we will use the Chinese-English bilingual American standard four-point system for inspection. If necessary, this internal inspection report can be provided to the customers.